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2nd March 2009

The 'High" Cut Pressure

Over the years that I have been researching circumcision, I have looked a lot into the types of cuts one can have. The two real differences being that of a high cut and that of a low cut.
Just to clarify the difference between them; a high cut being the removal of outer foreskin which leaves the inner foreskin which is then rolled back and lays along the shaft of the penis. The scar line of where outer skin meets inner skin, usually lies at the middle of the shaft, but in some cases can be even closer to the body.

A low cut is one where the inner foreskin is removed and the outer foreskin remains in place along the shaft of the penis, the scar line is usually close to the head of the penis.

I favour a low cut, and this is hopefully what I will be able to have next week.

A couple of things have bought me to this decision, firstly I do not like the positioning of the scar on a high cut, there can also be a significant colour difference between the inner skin and the outer skin. The inner skin can also look quite raw as well.

Secondly, the inner foreskin is a thinner mucosal tissue which is only meant to be exposed when the penis is erect and not all the time. Unlike the glans which can adapt and keritinise, the always exposed inner foreskin can not.

To prefer a low cut is a minority, but a minority that I am part of. I have discovered in the past few weeks a lot of people that do not appreciate my decision to want a low cut, and have been heavily trying to make me change my mind.

The ongoing debate about the inner foreskin being more sensitive is certainly a strong one, but we have to respect the guys with a low cut who tell us that they are happy with how sensitive their penis is.

My circumcision is all about liberating the glans of my penis, for all my life I have been happy with the skin along the shaft of my penis, and I have no desire to change that.

I believe that the style of cut that one should choose when given the opportunity is the style of cut that 'you' want.
As after all circumcision as an adult is all about our choice and what we want.

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